Taku Mōkai

My Pet

Children and pets go well together – even when you are photographing them – and this book proves it!

The photographs of five children with their pets appeal to other children who love looking after their pets. The children introduce their pet and explain how they care for it. On the last page, a boy in a wheelchair introduces his pet dog and explains how it cares for him too.

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Taku Mōkai includes:

  • Repetitive sentence structure: “He…. taku mōkai.” (My pet is a ……)
  • Repetitive sentence structure: “Ko ….. tana ingoa.” (His name is …..)
  • Vocabulary for introducing pets and looking after them
  • Singalong CD which turns the book into a catchy song
  • English translation
  • List of activity ideas to make this much more than a fun book to do on the mat!
  • Picture glossary
  • Guitar chords

Curriculum Links for Taku Mōkai: 
Tikanga: Manaakitanga (taking care of others) is an important Māori value, not just in respect of humans but also animals.
Learning Intention: Distinguish between two possessives. For example: ‘taku’ = my (singular) and ‘tana’ = his/her (singular).
Te Whāriki: Links to Strand 1, goal 3: develop a sense of responsibility for own well-being and that of others.
Te Aho Arataki Marau: Links to 3.1: communicate about habits and routines.

Author – Sharon Holt

Photographer – Sophie Astoria Holt

What others say about Taku Mōkai:

“These are great books for introducing te reo in our home schooling lessons. Our budget prevents me from buying them all at once, so we were thrilled that our library agreed that the books are great and bought them for us to borrow. Elijah knows Cameron, one of the children in this book. He chased the librarians around in his wheelchair, showing them my friend Cameron!” Michelle and Elijah, Wellington

Sharon Holt Meet Kiwi author Sharon Holt

Sharon Holt is a children’s author and creator of books and resources in te reo Māori.

Several of her books have won or been shortlisted for awards, and her Te Reo Singalong series won its category in both Ngā Tohu Reo Māori / Māori Language Awards in 2013 and the CLNZ Educational Publishing Awards in 2015.

Find out more about Sharon and the Te Reo Singalong series on Sharon’s author page.


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