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The Adventures of Kaia the Korora

Today is the day Kaia the kororaa is going on a big adventure with her Koro.

Who will they meet on their journey through the waters of Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf and beyond?

Join them as they explore the different layers of our waters, from the creatures you meet in the rocky shallows, to the weird and wonderful creatures in the Kermedec Trench.

Paperback format
24cm x 34cm
20 pages

$23.00 inc. GST


Originally written for the education team at Auckland War Memorial Museum, KKRKB books buyers are able to enjoy this book thanks to the stash held by author Jo van Dam.

The Adventures of Kaia the Korora features vibrant and exciting illustrations. Spot the hazards on each page, from discarded fishing hooks, to plastic bags floating in the water.

This book also features Environmental Facts to teach our tamariki how we can look after our oceans and marine creatures.

A great book to read as a charming story of discovery, or to be used as a teaching tool.

A much-loved book among school children from new entrants to year 6.

Meet Kiwi author Jo van Dam Jo-van-Dam-author

Jo is the librarian at two central Auckland Primary schools and an author of books for small people… with an animal theme to date. She says that working with children and books is the best job in the world; very rewarding and often very funny. Jo emigrated from England when she was ten years old and is very glad her family made the decision to move here. She is married with two lovely grown up children.

Find out more about Jo and how to contact her on her author page.


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