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The Con Artist’s Takeover - The Mystery of the Unco-Nerdo School Teacher

A witty, entertaining, and contemporary realistic fiction book with tween and young teen characters you’ll cheer for as they come up against turmoil, mystery and danger in the most unexpected places.

Meeka’s parents were super wealthy and super cool so it should’ve been a blast visiting Meeka in her mansion-like home, but Logan can’t get passed all the secrets everyone seems to have. The manager, the teacher—and even Meeka; who won’t stop lying. Logan’s certain she’s hiding something and he’s determined to find out what it is.

Meeka was excited to see Logan, Nate and Poet but her joy is soon replaced by dismay as her dad ignores her. She needed her father to rescue her from the trouble she was in, but he didn’t even notice her. It was all Logan’s fault—so there was no way she was going to tell him her problems even if he was her friend!

Nate and Poet try to help smooth things over, but none of them realise the terrible danger they are in from an unseen enemy. But when Nate’s life is in peril, Logan, Meeka and Poet jump in where they shouldn’t—running away to try and rescue him— but instead of saving him they find themselves in deadly danger too. How will they survive when there’s no-one around to help them this time? And what will happen to Ninja-Nate? Will their mistake be the end of them all?

Paperback edition
13.97cm x21.59cm (width x height)
293 pages

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The Con Artist’s Takeover is the second book in the Crime Stopper Kids Mysteries series, based in England. This fast-paced, adventurous and laugh-out-loud funny story is popular with both boys and girls ages 9-12, and also appeals to reluctant readers.  Adults enjoy being able to laugh like a kid again while discovering realistic, everyday heroes that make great role models for the kids in their care.


Lee Murray, Bram Stoker Award Winning Author
The Con Artist’s Takeover is a wonderful dual reading experience, the narrative working on both levels—for parents and kids—always the sign of a good middle grade read, in my humble opinion. While there is a lot of dialogue in this one, the sections are short, usually only a few pages, and the plot romps along, making it a good choice for supported bedtime reading. The story’s characters are a bunch of child sleuths, all with distinct personalities and who offer different perspectives on the problem at hand, which in this case is rescuing their kidnapped friend, Nate. These characters read like real kids, complete with food allergies. Author Karen Cossey has not only nailed their voices, it’s clear she has uncovered the secret formula for engaging reluctant boy readers too, by adding exactly the words their parents admonish them for! Here’s an example from the text:

“Let’s follow him,” Poet said.
“Like spies,” Meeka said.
“Yeah,” Poet said. “I’ve always wondered if security guards picked their noses while they’re out security-ing by themselves.”
“Or fart really loudly.”
“Or burp in time to the music,” Poet said…

Makes you want to go back and read the first book in the series, doesn’t it?

karen-cossey-author Meet Kiwi author Karen Cossey

Karen, who lives in Tauranga, has been writing stories ever since her primary teacher told her she had a great imagination when she explained that her math homework had been eaten by her pet cow. Stories were everywhere she looked, especially as she grew up in between the pages of books.

Her books have received Five Star awards, but the moment that truly made Karen proud was when her teacher friend announced at her School Assembly that she had bought two of Karen’s books (that she had read in class), for the school library and her class all started clapping and cheering. Awards are nice, but kids are better…because that’s why Karen writes—for the kids.

Find out more about Karen on her author page.


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