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The Dragon Defenders 1

The wild and wonderful island home of Flynn and Paddy holds an incredible secret: dragons live there!

When evil boss The Pitbull finds out, he sends his men to kill a dragon, and to bring him back the body. He also wants a dragon’s egg, so he can hatch it in his private zoo.

Flynn and Paddy’s world is about to be turned upside down. Will their bravery and skill be enough to stop The Pitbull’s evil plan?

Paperback edition

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The first book in the best-selling Dragon Defenders Series.

Age recommendation: 7-12 years

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Meet Kiwi author James Russell

James Russell

A much-acclaimed children’s book author from Auckland, James has created a wonderful world of adventures that can be experienced through eight books so far.

Three are his The Dragon Brothers series of picture books and five are The Dragon Defenders series of junior novels. More amazing adventures are already on the way!

Find out more about James and how to contact him on his author page.


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