The Fame Game

“There’s magic here, folks! I know just what to do!”

Zac held up his phone so the whole world could view.   

When a social-media addicted Prince discovers the fabled ‘Sleeping Beauty’, he seizes his opportunity for fame.

But what happens when the Princess is not happy with going viral?

Talk to kids about social media, online safety, and being popular with this fun Sleeping Beauty retelling from the Fairytale Fraud series. Each book in the series includes ‘Behind the Scenes’ extras to support conversation and additional resources and printables online.


The Fairytale Fraud stories are designed to be enjoyed together! The books have a target vocabulary for 6-8 year olds, but the series is appealing to children as young as 4 and enjoyed by 10 year olds, when shared as a conversation starter. Sophisticated picture books for ages 4-10. New titles in the series released each year.

Softcover edition
254mm x 203mm
36 pages, perfect bound
Printed in New Zealand and shipped using environmentally friendly packaging


Created by Nelson author Katie Pye and illustrated by Rodrigo Paulo

The Fairytale Fraud Wellness Series

Everyone struggles, right? Your favourite fairy tale characters certainly do!

The Fairytale Fraud story series shows kids that struggle is normal and helps them navigate through.

Every clever and fun fairy tale retelling tackles a different topic – topics parents and teachers everywhere want kids to grasp. Like, the importance of asking for help when you need it; skills for coping with change; tools for managing conflict; the importance of wise trust; and many more!

The Fairytale Fraud stories:
●    instil messages you want your kids to have.
●    normalise struggle and suggest a way through it.
●    get kids thinking and chatting about important topics.
●    provide fun ways to remember valuable life lessons.

The Fame Game behind the scenes Alongside each book, there are a host of fairytale themed resources designed to keep kids interested in social and emotional learning, including ‘behind the scenes’ conversation material in the back of each book.

The Fairytale Fraud stories have had over 10,000 downloads and 350 5-star reviews on Amazon!

You may have seen them on WHAT NOW? or heard them on Suzy Cato’s YouTube Channel. If you haven’t, check out Recipe for Disaster here.

See TV presenter Suzy Cato read one of Katie’s Fairytale Fraud stories here.

Katie Pye author Meet Kiwi author Katie Pye

Mum, author, mental health enthusiast, and founder of Fairytale Fraud, Katie Pye is a playful New Zealander, driven to make the world a better place by supporting families into healthy mindsets.

Find out more about Katie on her author page.


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