The Hospital Trip (My Big Moments)

Perry doesn’t feel very well and needs to go to hospital.

He doesn’t know what to expect. His head is full of worries.

Luckily, his good friend Frankie comes along to help him figure it all out.

Developed with the help of a team of experts in child development, neuroscience, play therapy and psychology, My Big Moments children’s picture book, The Hospital Trip, helps your child turn a daunting experience into an empowering one by engaging them in preparation, knowing what to expect, igniting their curiosity and learning how to handle worries.

The story follows the main character, Perry, who is helped by his best friend and family to visit the hospital for medical procedures. He learns to overcome his worries and builds confidence through new experiences.

Written and illustrated by Hannah Davison, Flicka Williams and Marco Palmieri

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This story helps you and your child prepare for medical procedures and hospital visits with practical language, ideas, and strategies from child development experts. For ages 2-7.

Relieve your worries about supporting your child through medical procedures with expert advice at the back of the book to understand their needs, give you coping strategies, and build your confidence for a hospital visit.

The creators behind My Big Moments weave practical language, ideas and strategies throughout the books. Their purpose is to fully engage kids in a story about their own real-life situations, while they gain valuable life skills.

Kiwi parents Hannah Davison and Flicka Williams, working with Australian illustrator Marco Palmieri, wanted to make the tricky job of parenting that little bit easier. By providing credible tools, they hope to leave mums, dads, and caregivers better equipped to guide children through life’s first milestones.


NZ Booklovers ~ Transitions in life are often misunderstood or not deeply recognised in a small child’s life. For adults, it’s easy to understand but little ones can feel overwhelmed, unheard and experience increased anxiety. The “My Big Moments” books touch on the transition – losing a family pet, visiting hospital, starting school, dealing with a change of plans, and welcoming a baby – in respectful, practical ways.

The authors don’t pander to the reader, or talk down to the child. The children in the stories have realistic worries and reactions. It is clear experts have been deeply involved in the creation of the stories.

Likewise, the solutions and ideas the adults present are solid. With a preschooler currently transitioning to school, the advice in the book is exactly what we have been told. We have also recently lost our beloved dog, and I wish I had Goodbye Comet to help us through that time. It isn’t wishy-washy advice, nor brutal and blunt, but is perfectly pitched for the audience – young children.

A lovely touch too is the back of each book offers a page or two dedicated solely to the grown ups. Again, the authors don’t belittle or talk down, they offer practical, realistic and easy steps to help.

Meet the Kiwi creators Hannah Davison and Flick Williams

My Big Moments creatorsIn 2016, over a long lunch, we had an idea to create engaging kids’ books, backed by research, to handle life’s first challenges. We needed extra help, so in came Jo – a world-class creative. All mums navigating the bumpy road of parenthood, we figured out how to make the tricky job of parenting a whole lot easier for other parents, just like us. Alongside child development experts, and talented illustrator, Marco Palmieri, we’ve made children’s books that empower kids with language, ideas, and strategies, to thrive through experiences that will shape their lives.

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