The Last Tree

After nearly losing their lives, thirteen-year-old Aden Weaver and his team continue to chase the legendary Or’in of Tane.

The Sasori smuggle the stone across the Land of Fire and Ice. The stakes rise when a revolution breaks out and threatens the habitat of the bird demons, the Tengu. The war threatens the ecology of the planet. It’s not just about the relic or the Lost Island anymore, but the survival of the entire world.

To win everything from nothing, Aden enters a dangerous game with the Tengu horde. With a slave girl to rescue, mythical demons afoot, and the warlike Loci joining the battle for the Or’in of Tane, Aden must stay one step ahead in the game of his life.

An ordinary boy. A vicious warlord. Both seek a stone with special powers.

But only one can possess the Or’in of Tane.

Written by Yvette Carol. Cover art by Simon Kingi. Pen and ink illustrations by Yvette Carol.

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The Last Tree is the third book in The Chronicles of Aden Weaver, a series of middle grade fantasy books.

Set on the planet Chiron, the adventure takes place on a richly imagined “alternate Earth”, inhabited only by insects, shapeshifters, and demons. The Chronicles trilogy follows a cast of young heroes, shapeshifters, who can move between insect and human form. The Order of Twenty-four have charged Aden Weaver and his team with finding a legendary stone, the Or’in of Tane before the Lost Island loses its invisibility shield forever. But they are not the only ones seeking the stone. Chief Wako, scorpion shapeshifter and maniacal leader of the Sasori Empire, has gained possession of the Or’in of Tane.

In Book Three, the chase is underway. Aden and his team must retrieve the fabled talisman from the Sasori. Pursuing Chief Wako into the Land of Fire and Ice, mythical beasts and giants abound, and the fearsome warrior tribe, the Loci, swells the Sasori ranks. Aden makes deals with demons–never a good idea–as the chaos of revolution ensues. With no clear path to take, Aden must rely on fight training and astral travel, and use all his wits to navigate the dangers. The fate of the planet is at stake.


“Of the three books in the trilogy, this one is by far our favourite. My friend’s 12-year-old and I read all three books and compared notes at the end of each one, and we were in complete agreement on this. What made it stand out was the inclusion of the map at the start which made tracking Aden’s journey much easier. The other useful item was the List of Characters at the end.”
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Meet Kiwi author Yvette CarolYvette Carol

Auckland author Yvette Carol’s enduring love of mythology and fantasy fiction for children inspired her to write her novels, The Or’in of Tane, The Sasori Empire, and The Last Tree in the trilogy, The Chronicles of Aden Weaver.

Find out more about Yvette and how to contact her on her author profile.

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