The Little Tiger with the Big Temper

One morning, Tootles the tiger wakes up in a grrrizzly mood!

Luckily, his friend Pippin the gibbon teaches him to find a sense of calm.

Do you want to teach children to self-regulate their strong emotions? Would you like to be calmer and more connected to your child – even during their big feelings? Do you want to increase your child’s resilience, focus and wellbeing, while helping them to cope with stress, anxiety or frustration? Do you want teaching your child mindfulness to be easy and fun?

The Little Tiger with the Big Temper is an engaging and interactive story that teaches simple mindfulness techniques. It fosters emotional literacy and self-regulation skills in little ones, while arming adults with a conscious communication approach to navigating a child’s strong emotions, so we can practice what we preach.

Written by Je t’aime Hayr and illustrated by Tanya Maneki

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The Little Tiger with the Big Temper is perfect for children aged 3-8 who struggle with identifying, understanding or managing their emotions. It also offers valuable guidance to adults who wish to foster emotional literacy and self-regulation skills in children while gaining a greater sense of control during moments of intense emotions. Teachers seeking to introduce mindfulness into their early learning centres or classrooms will find this book a valuable resource.

The Little Tiger with the Big Temper has garnered attention and praise, with a guest appearance on TVNZ Breakfast and features in Tots to Teens, The Mental Health Foundation website, Thrive TV and OhBaby, and Thrive magazines. Additionally, Suzy Cato read the book for her Treehut TV YouTube channel.


A happy customer ~ Our family absolutely love The Little Tiger with the Big Temper! It is sweetly written, with a lovely rhythm that littlies will enjoy, and clear, concise tools woven throughout that teach valuable mindfulness techniques. Gift one to every child you love and give them tools for life!

Another happy customer ~ Such a beautiful book our kids reach for it often and it’s incredible how every time we read it, we finish in a calm space, with our breathing regulated and smiles on our faces. Stunning illustrations and such a simple way to teach the art of mindfulness and breath work to calm and centre everybody in the family (not just the kids of course – Mum and Dad need it just as much!)

Meet the Kiwi author

Find out more about New Zealand author and mother Je t’aime Hayr on her author profile.

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