The Prankster and The Ghost

Every Child Deserves an Education — Even if They’re Dead

‘The school will be good for you, Tayla,’ said the inspector. ‘You’ll have children your own age to play with.’ 
‘Dead children.’
‘Well, yes. True. But you can’t have everything.’ 

Stuck in a hospital bed, unable to move, Tayla decides to leave his body. But floating around intensive care is kind of boring, although being invisible means he can do some cool practical jokes. Until the inspector arrives, that is.

Jamie, newly arrived from Scotland, is lonely. No one can understand his accent and all his practical jokes are going wrong. Plus, his new school is seriously weird. Perhaps it’s haunted…

Paperback edition
201 pages


A spooky, fun-filled adventure – packed with hospitals, ghosts, computers and practical jokes.

Shortlisted for the 2012 Tom Fitzgibbon Award, The Prankster and the Ghost is a story of the healing power of friendship and of learning to live with loss.

Caution: This story contains plenty of ghosts and heaps of practical jokes.

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“A terrific read.”

“An absorbing, imaginative tale.”


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