The Queen of Clumsy

The Queen of Clumsy is a heartwarming and delightful story of Margie, a young girl whose infectious laughter and positivity light up every room she enters. Despite her clumsiness, she faces each stumble and fall with boundless cheer, turning mishaps into fun displays that bring joy to her friends and those around her.

When a talent show at her school is announced, Margie feels the pressure to shine but struggles to find a unique talent. With the support of her friends, she discovers that her true talent is her own unique clumsiness. As ‘The Queen of Clumsy,’ she takes the stage with acts that involve juggling and even a hilarious magic show with unexpected outcomes. Margie’s performances steal the show and make her the beloved Queen of Clumsy.

This story encourages readers to embrace their uniqueness and find confidence in their individuality. Through Margie’s journey, the story highlights the importance of kindness, friendship, and the power of positive thinking. Readers will be inspired to find joy in each day, be true to themselves, and celebrate their quirks with pride.

Join Margie, the Queen of Clumsy, on a journey of laughter and self-discovery in a world where happiness knows no bounds. ‘The Queen of Clumsy’ is a celebration of uniqueness and the power of kindness, perfect for children and families alike.

Written by Victoria Muir and illustrated by Andreea Balcan 

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Designed for children aged 4-7, the story’s vibrant colours and gold foil embellishments on the cover, as well as select internal pages, add an extra touch of ‘wow’ to its appearance. It has a high print quality with thicker internal pages to ensure durability.

The Queen of Clumsy caught the attention of the Scholastic Book Club and featured in a recent catalogue.

Customer reviews

“We love Margie! The book is so good! I teach part time in a Year 5&6 class and the students are going to love it (amazing vocabulary and figures of speech for them to learn about, not to mention the main message). And as a Mum, my toddler loves the main character, Margie is going to become a bit of a hero in our house, I can see it already!”

“This is a beautifully written and illustrated book. It has a very relevant message.”

“Cleverly written, beautifully illustrated and my daughter loved decorating her crown that came with! This book should be on every family’s bookshelf, highly recommend ✨”

Victoria Muir authorAbout the Kiwi author

Find out more about Victoria Muir, author and mother of four, who was inspired to create the delightful Margie by her own mother who her family affectionately called the real queen of clumsy.



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Victoria Muir

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