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The Sasori Empire

Mystery arises around the identity of Aden Weaver’s father. Is Aden really the son of Kal?

When Chief Wako, the scorpion shapeshifter and leader of the criminal Sasori Empire, gets his clutches on the Or’in of Tane, Aden and his friends—now members of the Order of Twenty-four—leave the Lost Island. Their mission: to retrieve the relic from the stronghold of the Sasori.

In the wild Land of Fire and Ice, the young heroes face terrifying mythological creatures, giants and river demons. As they close in on the Or’in of Tane, Aden has to follow his astral mentor between worlds and utilise wits he never knew he had.

An ordinary boy. A vicious warlord. Both seek a stone with special powers. But only one can possess the Or’in of Tane.

Paperback format
300 pages
127×203 mm (5×8 inches)

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Illustrations: Cover art by Simon Kingi. Pen and ink illustrations by Yvette Carol. 

The Sasori Empire is the second book in The Chronicles of Aden Weaver, a series of middle grade fantasy books. Set on the planet Chiron, the adventure takes place on a richly imagined “alternate Earth”, inhabited only by insects, shapeshifters, and demons. The Chronicles trilogy follows a cast of young heroes, shapeshifters, who can move between insect and human form. The Order of Twenty-four charge Aden Weaver and his team with finding a legendary stone, the Or’in of Tane before the Lost Island loses its invisibility shield forever. But they are not the only ones seeking the stone. Chief Wako, scorpion shapeshifter and maniacal leader of the Sasori Empire has acquired the Or’in of Tane.

In Book Two, Aden uncovers mystery surrounding his father’s identity. But it is too late for doubt. A murder sets off a chain of events that shift Aden’s team to the front of the line. They deploy to the Land of Fire and Ice, stronghold of the Sasori Empire, with an extra crew member on board, the formidable Number Three. Their mission is to retrieve the Or’in of Tane, or to die trying.

The Sasori Empire is followed by Book Three, The Last Tree.

Review of The Sasori Empire

“The story…progresses at breakneck speed through a series of adventures as Aden and his friends continue to seek out the Or’in so they can return it to its rightful place…  Mr 12 was jealous of Aden’s special abilities. He could think of all sorts of ways in which astral travel could be useful, and he was also keen on the idea of being able to fly…   oth of us felt that the character descriptions were excellent. We could really picture the revolting Chief Wako with his loud snores, his muscular arms, and the rank odour of his unwashed body. “
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Meet Kiwi author Yvette Carol Yvette Carol

Auckland author Yvette Carol’s enduring love of mythology and fantasy fiction for children inspired her to write her novels, The Or’in of Tane, The Sasori Empire, and The Last Tree in the trilogy, The Chronicles of Aden Weaver.

Find out more about Yvette and how to contact her on her author profile.


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