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The Sava Chair

In this third Nicholas story in ‘The Chair Series’, we find him and his cousin Chantelle on holiday at Aunty Em’s house at the beach.

On the last day of their holiday, they notice a mysterious object in the river.

Join them as they discover what it is and decide what they will do with it.

Paperback format


Illustrator: Simon Barr

The third book in The Chair Series features Aunty Em’s ten top tips for saving the planet and sustainability themes.
Some Te Reo and New Zealand Sign Language.

A large format of this book (385x310mm) is available for classroom reading. Contact the author for more information.

Reviews for Josephine Carson-Barr’s books

“‘The Goodbye Chair’ and  ‘The Chill Out Chair’ – I loved these books and my grandchildren loved them even more. The books incorporate sometimes difficult and typical situations that young children frequently experience. The adventures are surrounded with emotional and social language, and behaviours, which promote the opportunities for self and guided learning and problem solving. The illustrations are a wonderful source of debate. They openly invite children to express their own opinions about how they interpret what is happening and what is going to happen.
These 2 books I would definitely recommend to demonstrate CARE reading. (The Incredible Years.)
C. Comment  about the picture
A. Ask open ended questions
R. Respond to your child’s responses with praise and encouragement
E. Expand on what your child says.
Another big plus is the books encompass and promote understanding of culture, and environments, and use English, Te Reo and signing.
I have equally enjoyed : ‘The Sava Chair‘ and ‘Waata the Weta’
The books will be a delight for children 2- 8 years.”
Jan Kerr, Early Intervention Teacher and Mentor/Facilitator for The Incredible Years

Sample pages from The Sava Chair

The Sava Chair sample pages

Meet Kiwi author Josephine Carson-BarrJosephine Carson-Barr

Jo has written in multiple genres over the last ten years but is now focusing on children’s picture books.

She works in collaboration with her son, Simon Barr, as the illustrator and together they publish as Veritas Aotearoa Publishing. Simon trained as an animator at Freelance Art Studios and has worked overseas on movies and has illustrated many books for other authors.

Find out more about Jo and how to contact her on her author profile.


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