The Super Weirdos and the Deathbeard Domination

DEATHBEARD is coming!

The Universe’s third-worst supervillain has Earth in his sights, throwing Norm, Ruby, and The Super Weirdos into action again!

Meet Norm, an 11-year-old human with new alien powers. Join him as he unravels the ultimate alien secrets with the help of his heroic friends. This is Norm’s biggest challenge yet!

Our heroes and their friends build a ridiculous plan to try and save the Earth. The odds are against them and with everything at risk, they confront Deathbeard’s alien technology, rock monster army, and his dreaded weapon, Galaxy Crusher.

In a race against time, planning and teamwork are critical. Can Norm successfully use the alien secrets, put a stop to Deathbeard, and save his friends?

Read on but beware of the assassins, mega huge spaceships, ukulele lasers, HUGE farts, ninjas, mole hairs, time travel, invisibility, Yetis, fishbowl prisons and more.

Think you can handle it? There’s only one way to find out!

Written and illustrated by Mr Mac

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The hugely-popular The Super Weirdos series now has three books! The Super Weirdos and the Battle of BashThe Super Weirdos and the Royal Roodle Rumble and this latest instalment, The Super Weirdos and the Deathbeard Domination. Check out our box-set option which saves you 10% on all three books.

  • Reading ages 7–12
  • Engages all readers from reluctant readers through to book worms (and even dads who don’t like reading!)
  • Specially crafted to entertain 7-13 year olds by a teacher dedicated to engaging students with humour.
  • The book is designed to teach children the skills of alien secret number one: ‘Never give up! Never surrender!’

Author’s note

The Super Weirdos have helped thousands of kids across New Zealand find a book they love due of the hilarious and relatable characters. These characters are thrown into impossible situations and have to work together to overcome them.

The alien secrets have been developed throughout my 14 year teaching career, helping kids in my class and now helping young readers across the nation. Readers will learn about mindfulness, growth mindset, friendships and personal development alongside Norm and Ruby, the 11 year old main characters.

This book is the third in the series, but I am very proud of how it can stand alone or as the third part of the series. The books are designed to give teachers and parents a set of ‘secrets’ to use with their kids to help them achieve in life. “Remember Alien secret number 3” is much more fun than hearing your teacher say, “Try again” for the 50th time. I’m really proud of what I have created. Happy reading!

I love challenging kids to write. In my new book, I hosted a poetry competition and after 400 entries, the top 8 were published in my book, with the winner getting their own page! I feel very lucky to give kids the chance to publish their writing in a real book!

Kiwi author Mr MacMr Mac

Find out more about Mt Maunganui author and teacher Mr Mac on his author profile.

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