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The Super Weirdos and the Royal Roodle Rumble

In this sequel to The Super Weirdos and the Battle of Bash, Norm, Ruby and The Super Weirdos battle a new enemy, Queen Roodle.

“Buuuuuuurp! Oh no, what next?”

As Norm (a ten year old human) burps again, he realises that these gigantic burps signal the arrival of a new alien power. After the unfortunate first power, Norm is right to be worried about what might happen next!

In this hilarious sequel, The Super Weirdos return to face another ridiculous battle to save Earth from destruction. Ten year olds, Norm and Ruby, with their Alien friends The Super Weirdos take on the fourth worst Super Villain in the Universe, an army  of Spaghetti and Meatballs and the Ginormous Bash…

In this fantastic tale you will be teleported around the galaxy meeting all sorts of strange and sill characters but most importantly, two new alien secrets are revealed!

If you could burp a super power, what would you burp? I wonder if Norm will be so lucky?

Paperback edition
310 pages
13cm x 20cm

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This book has everything kids could want, an army of spaghetti and meatballs monsters, fart jokes, burps, space travel, aliens, adventure, secrets and more.

Kids love The Super Weirdos books because they’re funny and engaging, parents and teachers love the books because they teach alien secrets which help kids in their day to day life without them even knowing it! In this book they learn secrets to overcome procrastination and mindfulness techniques to learn how to control emotions – all learnt alongside the heroes of the book.

  • Reading age 7 – 13
  • Engages all readers from reluctant readers through to book worms
  • Written by an NZ teacher and tested on 10 year olds, this book is sure to make your child laugh!
  • There are downloadable teacher questions for  teaching, reading, writing and maths worksheets and work for growth mindset.

Author’s note: These illustrations have been strategically placed and there are more pictures at the beginning of the book. Children who are not big on reading find a huge sense of achievement when they look at the number of pages they read in 20 minutes. As they continue the illustrations are spaced further apart but the reader is hooked into an awesome story.

Meet Kiwi author Mr Mac Mr Mac

Mr Mac is a primary school teacher in Mount Maunganui who writes illustrated novels to engage readers aged 7-12. He uses humour to teach lessons like how to never give up on what you want to achieve and has had unique success with reluctant readers. His books are jammed packed full with jokes to make kids and adults laugh; his books have something for everyone.

Find out more about Mr Mac and how to contact him on his author profile.


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