The Superheroes on Your Plate

Every food at the dinner table competes for the title of superhero on your plate.

Which food will claim the title?

From avocado to kiwi and around to egg and look out for brown rice! Each food is on a mission to declare themselves the winner. It may be hard to digest at times, but some have an incredibly good reason for being a true champion.

You will have to help them decide…

Combine story time with educating children about nutrition and inspiring them to eat a wider variety of wholefoods. This book aims to be a conversation starter as to what other foods children would bring to the plate as superheroes, either because they enjoy them or for health-promoting benefits. Who will be the plate superhero?

Written by Tansy Boggon and illustrated by Emma Hay

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For young readers aged 3 to 7.

The Superheroes on Your Plate is a fun way to encourage children to be curious about some of the nutritional information they hear about foods and encourage them to invite other foods to their plate.’

Tansy, the author and a qualified nutritionist, has created a guide for educators and parents (PDF) to help everyone get the most from this fun and educational book.


Garden to Table Trust, NZ ~ “Instead of saying “don’t eat that” or “this food is better than that food” this lovely little book shows how a little bit of every food can contribute to a nutritious plate. It shows how every different element adds its own benefit to the variety of kai (food) we eat in a fun and light-hearted way, inviting tamariki (children) to be naturally curious about the food they eat.”

Dr Joanna McMillan, Nutrition Scientist & Dietitian ~ “A joy of a book that puts the fun into teaching kids about nutrition and getting them to love the healthy foods on their plate.”

Diana Lopez for Readers’ Favorite ~ “Which natural food is better to eat? All of them have their advantages, either for their vitamins, minerals, or proteins. To help us choose we have The Superheroes on Your Plate, where we see an interesting contest between various foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and more, to see what benefits they bring us and find the best option. Each food tries to be the superhero of the plate and the best part is that they all have something good to contribute. Fortunately, the showdown happens in a very friendly way where all the foods explain the best of themselves. Tansy Boggon is an expert nutritionist and her knowledge is conveyed here through a fun story where many foods vie to be the main food on the plate.

“I liked The Superheroes on Your Plate because the book explains the properties of foods in a very pleasant way. Its concept is original. All the food designs look very appetizing, appealing, and friendly. The presentation of each page is very colorful and highlights keywords, making it easy to find the information. Although all the foods are trying to see who is the best, they all know how to act right with each other. Through this book, children can easily learn and remember ways to have a well-balanced and nutritious meal that will help give them the energy to make the most of their day. I also liked the enthusiasm of the characters, all of whom provide useful information. Tansy Boggon has captured the information in a way that is very rewarding to read.”

About the authorTansy Boggon

Tansy Boggon is an Australian nutritionist and food writer who now calls Christchurch, New Zealand home. Find out more on her author page.


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