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The Whale and the Snapper

The snapper swam towards the whale, and in his ear she spoke,

“Kia ora mate, remember me? You thought I was a joke.

I may be small and you are huge, but I’ll help you in your plight.

I have the strongest, sharpest teeth, and through this mesh I’ll bite.”


Kindness and courage flow two ways in this sweet-as, under-the-sea Kiwi adaptation of the traditional tale, ‘The Lion and the Mouse’.

A positive, heart warming story touching about helping one another, and the benefits of listening to your mother!

Paperback format
24cm x 34cm
32 pages

$16.00 inc. GST


Illustrated by Richard Holt

The Whale and the Snapper is part of the ‘Kiwi Corkers’ series from Scholastic NZ, which are New Zealand adaptations of classic tales. It is full of New Zealand colloquialisms and New Zealand sea creatures, with a beautiful koru motif in the waves and water.  It’s no longer available via mainstream channels, but thanks to a lovely stash held by author Jo van Dam, we’re pleased to offer this much-loved book to KKRKB book buyers.

Pre-schoolers to Year 6 Primary School tamariki will enjoy the lovely illustrations, the rhymes and the messages.


Review by Christine Frayling on the Booksellers NZ blog: “Once upon a time, in the deep blue and dark blue sea, lived a tiny shiny snapper, and her sisters thirty-three.’

Quinn stopped me at this point, asking ‘has she got thirty-three sisters, Grandma’ – I had to explain that snappers lay a lot of eggs and, yes, they were all her sisters. Only having one sister, Quinn thought about that for a minute and said – “I don’t think I’d like to have thirty-three sisters”. I think she is right, one sister is plenty…”
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A reader review on Goodreads: “Richard Holt’s double spread full colour illustrations are vibrant and expressive, bringing to life this latest addition to the popular Kiwi Corkers series. Jo Van Dam’s use of Kiwi slang expressions and faultless rhythm and rhyme combine to make this a very NZ tale that youngsters will love.”
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Meet Kiwi author Jo van Dam Jo-van-Dam-author

Jo is the librarian at two central Auckland Primary schools and an author of books for small people… with an animal theme to date. She says that working with children and books is the best job in the world; very rewarding and often very funny. Jo emigrated from England when she was ten years old and is very glad her family made the decision to move here. She is married with two lovely grown up children.

Find out more about Jo and how to contact her on her author page.


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