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Those Shipwreck Kids

When a Wellington family sails back to the Marlborough Sounds from an overseas voyage, their twins are re-united with three Tasmanian friends who have discovered a strangely abandoned campsite near an old wrecked hulk.

During their investigation of the mystery behind this abandonment, the twins are able to introduce their friends to many aspects of the New Zealand environment, including the controversial issues behind the predator-free programme.

An illustrated multi-layered tale of friendship and intrigue, as relationships evolve.

Paperback edition
15×23 cm
197 pages


The third title in the Those Kids series of environmentally themed stand-alone books centred on two sailing families and written for 9 to 14 year age readers. Constructed with 20-minute chapters suitable for reading aloud by adults to children, and for time-challenged or reluctant readers. Contains high interest material appealing to children interested in outdoor activities including camping, boating.

Used in schools to explore the issues surrounding the impact of predators on New Zealand’s unique bird-life, as well as the issues surrounding the eradication programmes.


‘A complex tale, realistic and fascinating, with characters we feel we know as real people. The reading level allows older elementary readers to enjoy the basic story line, but the depth of issues makes this a great read for teens and adults, too.’ ~ Elizabeth Jolley (Editor, North Pole News – Oregon, USA)

‘As a parent or teacher it is a very rewarding read, with much food for thought when it comes to nurturing both our environment and our children, advocating the importance of a child’s adventuring and fiercely independent spirit. These books have a place in both the environmentally focused classroom and the more confi dent upper-primary reader’s adventure collection.’ ~ Lisa Hoad, (Children’s Book Council of Australia)

‘Jon has been meticulously fair in presenting multiple points of view on the environmental issues encountered in the story. He hopes to increase his readers’ awareness of issues, provide them with information and allow them to form their own opinions.’ ~ Kate Guthrie (Predator Free NZ Organisation)

‘The environmental message is clear, but not laboured, and is leavened by exciting contests between both the boats … The mystery of the abandoned camp is finally resolved in a spectacular – if somewhat unexpected – denouement.’ ~ Mark Walker (Editor, Furthest South, The Arthur Ransome Society in Australia and NZ.)

You can view the eBook edition if you prefer.

Meet Kiwi author Jon Tucker Jon Tucker

Jon’s numerous freelance articles and six books reflect the sailing lifestyle he has enjoyed with his wife, Barbara, and their five sons, and his passionate interest in environmental issues. Two of his Those Kids series titles were finalists for the Environmental Award for Children’s Literature.

Find out more about Jon and how to contact him via his author page.


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