Tractor Dave

Blades SPINNING, wheels TURNING, tractors ROARING – it’s maize harvesting day on the farm, and Tractor Dave can’t wait to help out. But when the maize chopper crashes, it’s up to Dave to save the harvest!

The first in the new Tractor Dave series, this fun rhyming adventure will appeal to machinery lovers both big and small.

Written by Rachel Numan and illustrated by Filip Lazurowicz

50 cents from every sale will be donated to Meat the Need – helping Kiwi farmers feed Kiwi families in need. Printed in New Zealand.


Recommended reading age 3-7 years old.

Sample pages from Tractor Dave

Tractor Dave sample page1

Tractor Dave sample page2

Rachel Numan Meet Kiwi author Rachel Numan

Rachel Numan lives on a dairy farm in the Waikato, with two tiny farmers (her boys, Jack and Oscar), one real farmer (her husband, Chris), and one pretend farm dog (who is a little bit scared of cows).

She is a trained veterinarian, but these days spends more time trying to find matching socks and drinking lukewarm coffee than she does fixing cows.

Tractor Dave is her debut book which is based on a little 1983 David Brown tractor she and her husband own.

Find out more about Rachel and how to contact her on her author profile.


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Dimensions 24 × 25 cm

Softcover edition

First published


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