Tūī Street Tales

The bird flapped its wings and rose into the air, its long, white-feathered tuft flowing from its neck like a beard. Louie felt the world tilt beneath him. He held on tightly to Cloudbird’s neck, as his house and Tui Street became smaller…

There is something mysterious happening on Tui Street.

One by one, the Tui Street friends are swept up in a series of adventures, each with a strangely familiar fairy-tale feel.

Written by Anne Kayes

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From the teaching notes

Tui Street Tales is a collection of seven stories set in New Zealand for children aged 8–12 years. The stories explore elements of the European fairy-tale genre in a modern New Zealand context. The stories are connected by two key characters, Jack and Tim, who believe that there is a fairy-tale theme underlying the events occurring in their street.

They, along with the other Tui Street kids, become involved in solving the puzzles and challenges facing them in each story.

There are recognisable elements of traditional fairy tales in the stories. These include some plot features from traditional fairy tales. For example, the character, Ella, has two stepsisters and a stepmother, a boy is trapped/held captive in his upstairs bedroom, and a giant lives up a tall tree. Symbolic features are also used, such as the pea from The Princess and the Pea and the mirror from Snow White (which transfigures into a computer screen and mobile phone, enabling access to social networks – modern tools that reflect and speak about who we are).

Tūī Street Tales won the Storylines Tom Fitzgibbon Award for an original junior novel in 2016.


A Goodreads reviewer ~ “Once upon a time some fairy tales came to Tui Street and visited the people who lived there. There were some problems in the street: Jacks mother had secrets, the creek had dried up and Terri was being cyber-bullied, to name a few. Following a fairy tale project at school, the children began to notice fairy tale themes to these problems. They had to explore the difference between fact and possibility as they sought answers. Much was at risk: a friends safety, a moreporks life, the privacy of a Pacific princess. Added to this was the involvement of Aotearoas landscape, birdlife and folklore. Luckily, facing challenges led to unexpected achievements, such as coaching a wheelchair soccer team, pacifying a wild creature from Maori folklore and re-thinking stereotypes about giants. Everyone lived happily ever after. Well, as much as can be expected when you have homework and dishes to do. Tui Street Tales is a collection of seven stories set in New Zealand.”

Kiwi author Anne KayesAnne Kayes

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