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Bailey has a lot of secrets, and a lot of scars, both of which she’d like to keep hidden. Unfortunately, Pine Hills Resort isn’t the kind of place where anyone can keep anything hidden for long.

When Bailey arrives, she just wants to get through summer quietly, spending as much time in the water as she can.

Then she meets Adam.

Bailey’s not looking to make friends, but Adam isn’t easy to ignore. Neither is his ex-girlfriend, Clare.

As Bailey grows closer to Adam, she draws Clare’s animosity. Will Bailey be able to keep her past a secret, or will Clare discover and reveal the sinister truth about how Bailey really got her scars?

Paperback edition
203mm x 127mm
194 pages


Recommended reading age 13+


“I just loved ‘Underwater.’ It had all the things I love in a story, subtle romance, mystery, and a bit of a slice of life. This is one of my favorite novels of the year and the reason I love reading indie books.” ~ Karen Klein, Staff Reviewer, YA Books Central

 If you’d like to view the eBook edition of Underwater, you can find it here.

Meet Kiwi author Helen Vivienne Fletcherhelen-vivienne-fletcher

Helen is a children’s and young adult author, playwright and spoken word poet. She has won and been shortlisted for numerous writing competitions including winning the Outstanding New Playwright Award at the Wellington Theatre Awards and making the finalist list for the Ngaio Marsh Best First Book Award.

Helen lives in Wellington with her disability assistance dog, Bindi – a five-year-old, playful Labrador who loves soft toys, cuddles, and can fit three tennis balls in her mouth at once.

Find out more about Helen on her author page.


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