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The Unicorn King gift set

A special gift set

Normally great value at $34 for both, plus $6.70 P&P

Now only $30 + $5 P&P


The paperback edition of Lily and the Unicorn King and the wirebound edition of The Unicorn King’s Goodnight Journal and Sketchbook are both written, designed and printed in New Zealand.

Together, they make a wonderful gift for any young unicorn fans who love magical stories.

Remember, unicorns are real.
The mermaids told me!


Meet Kiwi author Kate Gordon Kate B Gordon

Wanaka author Kate Gordon spent 90% of her childhood reading books about ponies and magical adventures. The other 10% she spent galloping around the garden on an imaginary horse – until she was able to ride a real pony of her own.

Now she’s penning fantastical adventure stories about brave friends, ponies and unicorns.

Find out more about Kate and how to contact her on her author profile.



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