Viola Vincent Reporting – Troubled Water

On her holiday at the beach Caitlin becomes sick after swimming in a contaminated river. Her newspaper story pointing to the source of the pollution splits the community and threatens a new friendship. Then, just as things are calming down, a tropical cyclone slams the settlement and Caitlin’s life is changed forever.

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Troubled Water is the third in the Viola Vincent Reporting series which is written for young readers with a social conscience and taste for knowledge. The books, for ages 10 plus, follow rookie reporter Caitlin Nove (AKA Viola Vincent) through her eye-opening investigations.

Founded on solid facts, wisdom and warming humour, the Viola Vincent collection teaches kids that when they raise their voices and take action, powerful things can happen.


NZ Booklovers reviewer Rebekah Lyell says: “I had never heard of this series prior to reading this book and I have absolutely been missing out. This book is a standalone story, but if you’re also new to Viola Vincent’s adventures, you’ll want to hunt out the other two stories immediately.

“Mātauranga Māori is a focus-point for this story, and Caitlin both learns about and embraces the concept of kaitiakitanga or guardianship.”

The review includes this quote from author Anna Kenna: “This is a story about two young women with very different perspectives who share a common goal to save a dying river. The quest tests their friendship and ultimately requires Caitlin to open her mind and embrace a different world view.”

The review concludes: “Kenna conveys perfectly that caring for the land and water is a responsibility that both past and future generations need to carry. This story encourages our younger generation to think critically about current events and the environment and to expand their understanding. Kenna, and her wonderful character Caitlin, show our young people that collectively we can rewrite the script of their future.”

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Meet Kiwi author Anna Kenna Anna Kenna

Kāpiti Coast author Anna Kenna is former television reporter, long-distance hiker and dog lover. After a 30 year career in journalism, she now writes for children and her books and stories can be found in classrooms around the world.

The Viola Vincent Reporting series explores real issues in society through the activities of fiercely determined Caitlin V. Nove. Viola Vincent is the pen name the 13-year-old uses to disguise her secret identity as a rookie reporter for the local paper.

Find out more about Anna and how to contact her on her author profile.


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