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Viola Vincent Reporting - Underdog

The second story in the Viola Vincent Reporting series.

A chance meeting with Theo and his dog Mac alerts Caitlin to a puppy farm operating in her community.

Through her alter ego Viola Vincent, and with the help of reporter friend Megan, Caitlin embarks on a mission to expose the cruel trade and rescue Sissy, a breeding bitch chained to a life of misery.

A story for young people who care about fairness, truth, and justice.

Paperback format
232 pages
5×8 inches

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This is book two in the Viola Vincent Reporting series which is written for young readers with a social conscience and taste for knowledge. The books, for ages 10 plus, follow rookie reporter Caitlin Nove (AKA Viola Vincent) through her eye-opening investigations.

Founded on solid facts, wisdom and warming humour, the Viola Vincent collection teaches kids that when they raise their voices and take action, powerful things can happen.

From the author: “In Underdog Caitlin, through her alter ego Viola Vincent, investigates the cruel world of puppy farming.

“Puppy farms, sometimes called puppy factories and puppy mills, can be found all over the world. They mass produce popular breeds of dogs that are sold online, or through some pet shops, to buyers who have no idea where their new pet came from. Puppy farmers trade on our ignorance and emotions to sell their ‘products’. Social media and our ‘must have’ consumer culture makes it easy for them.

“The only way we, as animal lovers and pet owners, can put a stop to the puppy farming industry is to stop buying dogs online, or through pet shops, and instead get them from rescue centres or responsible breeders who care about animal welfare.

“With everything else that’s going on in the world, you might ask why focus on this issue?

“Well, I think the way we treat animals, especially animals that have been our loyal companions for hundreds of years, says a lot about us as a people and as a society. As our young heroine demonstrates in this story, it’s the actions of ordinary people that bring about change in the world.”

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Meet Kiwi author Anna Kenna Anna Kenna

Kāpiti Coast author Anna Kenna is former television reporter, long-distance hiker and dog lover. After a 30 year career in journalism, she now writes for children and her books and stories can be found in classrooms around the world.

The Viola Vincent Reporting series explores real issues in society through the activities of fiercely determined Caitlin V. Nove. Viola Vincent is the pen name the 13-year-old uses to disguise her secret identity as a rookie reporter for the local paper.

Find out more about Anna and how to contact her on her author profile.


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