Viola Vincent Reporting

Caitlin’s life is shattered when her mother is seriously injured in a freak accident. She struggles to find her bearings in a world that has totally changed. Her mother, once her rock, has tuned out. Her grandfather is angry and doesn’t want to know when Caitlin tries to tell him Mum’s bike was dodgy.

In the end, it’s the ghost of her famous great-aunt, a pioneering journalist, who eventually steers Caitlin’s destiny and gives her the courage to take a stand.

This is a story about the power of one and having the courage to chase the truth, whatever the consequences.

Written by Anna Kenna

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This is book one in the Viola Vincent Reporting series which is written for young readers with a social conscience and taste for knowledge. The books, for ages 10+, follow rookie reporter Caitlin Nove (AKA Viola Vincent) through her eye-opening investigations. Founded on solid facts, wisdom and warming humour, the Viola Vincent collection teaches kids that when they raise their voices and take action, powerful things can happen.

From the author: “Curiosity killed the cat’ is an old saying invented by grown-ups to stop kids asking questions. My dad encouraged me to ask questions and I’m glad he did. I guess that’s why I became a journalist. Good journalism is all about asking questions and continuing to ask them even when people don’t like it.

“Being a bit nosey can be a good thing especially if your questions result in things changing for the better. Sometimes we accept things in life that don’t make sense. For instance, why do we pay for bottled water when it’s free from the tap? Why are cigarettes still sold if they kill people, how can we have an obesity epidemic in one part of the world and starvation in another?

“A lot of good things have happened by people looking for answers to those sorts of questions. If curiosity killed the cat that’s bad news for the cat but unless you have whiskers and a tail, don’t be put off. Like Caitlin, the central character of this book, I reckon not being curious enough is a greater risk to the world.”

Kiwi author Anna KennaAnna Kenna

Find out more about Kāpiti Coast author Anna Kenna on her author profile.

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