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Waata the Weta: Can He Find The Perfect Home?

This is the story of Waata the Weta who is very different from other weta.

Other weta live in the dark…Waata wants fun adventures and life in the sun.

He leaves his home in the woodpile and sets out on a journey to find the perfect home.

Paperback format

48 pages of full colour illustrations in a comic style


Illustrator: Simon Barr

Suitable for ages 2-8 years

Enjoy a blackboard of facts about weta. A Twinkl NZ resource has been made for this book. Contact the author for more information.


“Waata the Weta has a wild mop of funky red hair, the hugest teethy grin, an adventurous spirit, and more facial expressions than you could ever imagine in one so small….”
Kiwi author, editor and manuscript assessor Donna Blaber reviews Waata the Weta for Kiwi Kids Read Kiwi Books. Read the full review.

“Amazing book and the best illustrations I have ever seen in my life. It is an amazing comic. My friends would like it.”
Joshua, 9 years old.

“Wetas are scary -but not once you get to know them! This is not just a book for little kids. A copy sits on our coffee table and we have been surprised at how quickly casual readers of all ages become engrossed. The subtle interweaving of storyline and wonderfully whimsical graphics enchants all as they search for unspoken detail. The Auckland sky tower shows up on one skyline. A friendly fly helps to keep Waata and his possessions, including his precious toy monkey together…..Jo Carson-Barr and son Simon do a superb job following a Brave Bloke who takes on the job of finding a new home as the winter woodpile diminishes.”
Juliet Leigh JP, BA, Dip of Teaching

“Waata the Weta is a fantastic book to read individually with a child or for children to read by themselves.  The strength lies in the discussion that takes place while reading and there is so much to talk about the story and to enjoy the symbols written like a Comic. The illustrations are outstanding and the book appeals to all age groups – children and adults.”
Raewyn Minty, Reading Recovery Teacher, and Pauline Simpson, Speech and Drama Teacher

Sample pages from Waata the Weta

Waata internal spread


Meet Kiwi author Josephine Carson-Barr Josephine Carson-Barr

Jo has written in multiple genres over the last ten years but is now focusing on children’s picture books.

She works in collaboration with her son, Simon Barr, as the illustrator and together they publish as Veritas Aotearoa Publishing. Simon trained as an animator at Freelance Art Studios and has worked overseas on movies and has illustrated many books for other authors.

Find out more about Jo and how to contact her on her author profile.


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