Whale Pot Bay

Jake and his father live in a remote part of the Wairarapa, where they surf, hunt, fish, and watch the whales feeding as they pass up and down the coast. For Jake, it’s a paradise that he hopes will stay unchanged forever.

Milton Summer is an international rock star who  built a private retreat overlooking Whale Pot Bay, hoping for much the same privacy and enjoyment of life that Jake treasures.

Both dreams are shattered by visitors, some invited, others not. Jake’s life takes a dive when his dad begins a relationship with a new partner, who moves in with her daughter, Stephanie. For Milton, trouble comes in the form of a local photographer who starts stalking the star seeking sensational images he can sell for a fortune. Then, when a whale and her calf get into trouble on the treacherous coast, it seems the history of whale slaughter in the bay is doomed to repeat itself.

To survive these deadly waves of human and natural forces, Jake, Milton, and Stephanie must join forces, always knowing that failure could mean more than just the whales might perish.

Written by Des Hunt

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A revised and updated edition published in 2023; originally published by HarperCollins in 2009.

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Des HuntFind out more about acclaimed New Zealand author Des Hunt on his author profile.

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