What happened to the Moa

Unravel the fascinating story of what happened to the moa, the legendary flightless bird of Aotearoa New Zealand.

In this gloriously illustrated book, Ned Barraud describes the nine different species of moa, ranging from a small bush moa just over a metre high, to the giant moa at 3.6 metres high. It also covers where and how moa lived, and, tragically how they were wiped out within 200 years of Maori arriving in New Zealand.

The book concludes with one of the last probable sightings of a moa, by a girl from a settler family in Fiordland in 1880.

This book is for any child curious to learn more about our most remarkable bird.

Written and illustrated by Ned Barraud

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This is the paperback edition. Also available in hardcover.


NZ Poetry Box ~ “Here is a taste of fascinating facts: There were nine different species. DNA shows the closest relative is not the kiwi but the tinamou, a family of South American birds. I was fascinated by the drawings of the human standing next to the wing span of the Eyles’ Eagle (slightly bigger) and the wing span of Hasst’s eagle (way way way bigger). So yes, the moa was always in danger from the Haast’s eagle, the biggest bird of prey that ever lived. I was also in awe of the moa’s egg!”

Meet the Kiwi creator Ned Barraud

Find out more about Kiwi author and illustrator Ned Barraud on his author profile.

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