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When Bo Bimble Went Elsewhere

Perfectly round, impossibly green, and irresistibly soft and fluffy, the bimbles live a quiet, nervous existence in their hidden Fiordland valley.

Nervous … except for one. Bo Bimble is different. She’s full of questions, and when she learns from the kea about a predator fence that will cut them off from the land beyond, she sets off to visit before it’s too late.

Touring Fiordland with his parents in a campervan, bird-nerd Bernie is startled to find a kakapo-like creature hiding in his bedside cupboard.

And so begins a touching tale of friendship and adventure, between a misfit boy and a curious bimble. Can Bernie help Bo find the answers to her questions while keeping her existence a secret? Because if people find out about the bimbles, Bo might never make it home to Bimble Sound.

Paperback edition
184 pages

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Illustrations by Helena Copsey

Illustrated junior fiction for children age 7 and up.

“This charming story will delight young readers, igniting their imaginations while it gently explores the need to protect Aotearoa’s beautiful landscapes and unique creatures.” – Mandy Hager, award-winning author of Singing Home the Whale

Includes black and white illustrations throughout.

A donation will be made to Kakapo Recovery for every copy sold.

Review comments

Sarah Forster, The Sapling ~ “Overall, I’d recommend this book for kids who enjoy fantasy, and young conservationists. It would be good as a mixed-age read-aloud, and a good addition to a junior school library for young readers.”
Read Sarah’s full review on The Sapling.

Desna, Booktrailers4kidsandYA ~ “This book is sweet and gentle, and has that lovely feel-good feeling. Yes, there is danger, and adventure but it is charming and hopeful. The landscape and the native birds are a real focus and you can’t help but be impressed by our beautiful country, especially the Fiords down South.”
Read Desna’s full review.

Adele, WhatBookNext ~ “When Bo Bimble went Elsewhere has an environmental thread running through it, beginning with Bo Bimble herself. She’s an undiscovered species and Bernie wants her to remain that way. All are aware how people spoil things, even if well intentioned. Really enjoyable story for not just Kiwi kids. Bo and Bernie’s adventure will touch the hearts of any young environmentalist or animal/bird lover, worldwide.”
Read Adele’s full review.

Sue Copsey author Meet Kiwi author Sue Copsey

Sue Copsey is an award-winning writer of ghost and magical adventure stories for children. She was a senior editor at Dorling Kindersley in London before moving to New Zealand, where she now works as a freelance writer and editor.

Her books The Ghosts of Tarawera and Our Children Aotearoa received Notable Book Awards from the Storylines Children’s Literature Trust of New Zealand, and Children Just Like Me won the UK Times Educational Supplement award for best children’s non-fiction.

Sue also writes adult fiction under the pseudonym Olivia Hayfield. Her novels are published internationally by Hachette and Penguin Random House. She has two children and lives in Auckland.

Find out more about Sue on her author page.


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