Wot Knot You Got? Mophead’s Guide to Life

With her trademark visual wit, our buddy Mophead, aka Selina Tusitala Marsh, unravels the knots that keep us up at night.

‘What do you do if nothing is right – not at home, at school, anywhere?’
‘What if people don’t like me?’
‘What if your own ideas stink?’
‘How do I hug my dad?’ 

One morning, Selina wakes up with a twisting, tangling, knotty problem. It takes over everyone and everything – work, kids, life, the lot. How can she get out of a knot this tight?

Then she remembers: kids write to her all the time – they ask some of life’s toughest questions. Can she help them through their knots? And through helping them, can she find a way out of her own?

In this self-help give-it-a-go moppy-mayhem-filled workbook-that’s-all-about-play, join Selina as she scribbles and draws and writes her way out of the darkness – and invites you to take out a pen.

A book for readers from eight to eighty and for anyone in a dark place, no matter what knot you’ve got.

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For ages 8 to 80


What Book Next ~ Mophead’s Guide to Life is funny, thoughtful and a journal – giving you a place to write things down, draw and experiment with making your problem smaller and more manageable. Children from all over Aotearoa New Zealand have sent her post it notes with their question or problem written down. These are the first things a reader sees when you open this book. This shows young readers that others might have the same problem, and straight away make their own worry not so isolating. This journal-styled book would be a great gift to any young person struggling with something, but unable to share their worries out loud. Writing or drawing problems down can be an essential first step in problem solving directions and parental, caregiver or teacher help.

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Find out more about Dr Selina Tusitala Marsh on her author page.SelinaTusitalaMarsh

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Auckland University Press

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