You're Joking - Create your own Knock-Knock Jokes

Knock bad jokes on the head!

Learn everything there is to know about knock-knock jokes, from their history and types to crafting your own knock-out punchlines.

Packed full of tips, easy-to-follow exercises and 100+ hilarious examples, this book gives you know-how to knock together thousands of your own jokes.

Craft classic knock-knock jokes, like this one:

Knock, knock…
Who’s there?
Ewan who?
Ewan me need to talk.

Or Unrestricted knock-knock jokes:

Knock, knock…
Who’s there?
Waiter who?
Waiter minute, I think I’m at the wrong house!

And have a go at making your own sound-play jokes:

Knock, knock…
Who’s there?
Howie who?
I’m fine, thank you.

And can you break the rules, like this?

Who’s there?
Isabelle who?
Isabelle not better than a knocker these days?

This book will make you so funny, your friends will be knocking your door down for more jokes!

Paperback edition
203 x 127 mm
216 pages

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Illustrated by Paul Beavis

Ideal for 8-12 year olds


Meet Kiwi author Tom E. Moffatt Tom E. Moffatt

Tom E. Moffatt writes stories and jokes to make himself laugh-out-loud. When other people find them funny he considers it a double-bonus.

He is an award-winning author, a keen story teller and edutainer, having spent 12 years teaching in primary schools around the world, and loves visiting schools and making children laugh.

Find out more about Tom and how to contact him on his author page.


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