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Zombie at Number 56

Zayne covered his head with his hands, but not before a slither of rotten skin slid off and splatted onto the ground.

His face looked as though it had been tie-dyed purple and red, and his lips were blue. He reminded Marla of her papier mache self-portrait from the second grade.

Marla thought she was the only different kid in small town Morrington, until she discovered Zayne, a real-life Zombie at number 56.

Zayne thought he’d never have any friends, hidden away in the attic. Then he met Marla, a self-confessed loner bookworm from across the street.

Their friendship started in a dark and dusty shed. Marla admired Zayne’s curly red locks but recoiled from his icy skin and rotted teeth. Worried that he might lose his new friend, Zayne agreed to attend the Country Carnival with Marla.

Could Zayne be a regular kid again, or was the town about to find out his monstrous secret?

Paperback edition
127 pages
5 x 0.29 x 8 inches



Through her writing, Kiwi author Claire Aramakutu aims to stir children’s imaginations, encouraging them to set their creative minds free. Her first published series, Loopy Lucy, is a science-based adventure set, loved in many homes and classrooms across the world. At the end of 2021, Claire released her first spooky story, Zombie at Number 56. Check it out!

Junior fiction
Ages 7-12

Cover artist – Sophie Blokker

Freelance digital artist, illustrator and designer. Sophie specialises in personal and commercial commissioned work and children’s book illustrations.

Meet Kiwi author C.V. Aramakutu claire-aramakutu

Claire lives in Christchurch with her husband, three children, and a dog and cat who closely supervise Claire while she writes.

She has worked in the disability sector and in primary schools, where she gave learning support to children with special education needs. She has always had a passion for writing, and won seven excellence awards while studying English and Creative Writing at Massey University.

Find out more about Claire and how to contact her on her author page.


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