Recipes from The Quokka Logic and Baking Book

Auckland author Karen McMillan has released a fun kids ‘ cookbook called The Quokka Logic and Baking Book.

If you’re a fan of Karen’s bestselling Elastic Island Adventures series, you’ll have come across the Quokkas and their extraordinarily illogical logic..!

The baking recipes have been handed down to Karen from her mother and grandmother, so are perfect to share with your own children and grandchildren to enjoy baking together.

Karen has kindly shared two of the recipes that you can download for free in a printable format.

From the bestselling Elastic Island Adventures series comes a fun baking book for children, with recipes by Mrs Quokka and her son Jase the Quokka. By popular demand, Mrs Quokka also shares some of her quirky quokka logic – fun sayings that will bring a smile due to being so illogical.

In real life, most recipes come from two treasured, handwritten recipe books handed down to Kiwi author Karen McMillan from her mother and grandmother.

Enjoy these easy-to-make, tried and true family recipes that are perfect for children and will encourage kids to have fun creating these yummy baking treats.

A little bit retro and a little bit modern, have fun making these delicious cakes, loaves, muffins, biscuits, slices, small treats and desserts. Baking has never been easier!

Quokka Logic and Baking Book