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Sue Copsey

Sue Copsey is an award-winning writer of ghost and magical adventure stories for children. She was a senior editor at Dorling Kindersley in London before

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When Bo Bimble Went Elsewhere by Sue Copsey

When Bo Bimble Went Elsewhere

Perfectly round, impossibly green, and irresistibly soft and fluffy, the bimbles live a quiet, nervous existence in their hidden Fiordland valley.

Nervous … except for one. Bo Bimble is different. She’s full of questions, and when she learns from the kea about a predator fence that will cut them off from the land beyond, she sets off to visit before it’s too late.

Touring Fiordland with his parents in a campervan, bird-nerd Bernie is startled to find a kakapo-like creature hiding in his bedside cupboard.

And so begins a touching tale of friendship and adventure, between a misfit boy and a curious bimble.

Can Bernie help Bo find the answers to her questions while keeping her existence a secret? Because if people find out about the bimbles, Bo might never make it home to Bimble Sound.

Written by Sue Copsey and illustrated by Helena Copsey

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The Ghosts of Young Nicks Head by Sue Copsey

The Ghosts of Young Nick’s Head

A haunted bedroom holds a secret, which a young voice from the past wants to share.

A summer vacation turns spooky for friends Joe and Eddie, when Joe discovers a message scratched on a bedpost and senses a presence watching him. The ghostbusting duo set out to solve the mystery of the lonely old house on the cliffs.

But someone, or something, is trying to stop them.

A spooky adventure set on the wild and historic East Coast of New Zealand.

Written by Sue Copsey

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The Ghosts of Tarawera by Sue Copsey

The Ghosts of Tarawera

On holiday near Rotorua, Joe and Eddie are fascinated by the area’s bubbling mud pols and boiling geyers.

Local volcanologist Rocky tells them about the Pink and White Terraces that existed on the lake where they’re staying, and how they were destroyed in the cataclysmic 1886 eruption of Mt Tarawera. But Joe’s fascination turns to unease when strange sightings on the lake and dark rumblings from the Earth hint that the volcano is reawakening.

Can he persuade Rocky, who puts his faith only in science, to sound a warning? The past reaches out to touch the present in this spooky adventure story.

Written by Sue Copsey

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The Ghosts of Moonlight Creek by Sue Copsey

The Ghosts Of Moonlight Creek

Just this once, Joe would like a spook-free holiday. He should be so lucky.

When Anastasia’s movie director father invites Joe and the gang to hang out with the stars on location near Queenstown, they soon discover there’s more than one reason why the old gold-mining settlement of Moonlight is known as a ghost town.

Who is the mysterious Shadow Man causing bother for the crew, and what is the meaning of the signs that appear in the dust of the old ruins?

As Joe is drawn into another ghostly mystery, he wonders if this time, it’s not a coincidence.

Written by Sue Copsey

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