Siubhan Green

Siubhan Green grew up in Scotland and emigrated to New Zealand in 1974. As an only child with extremely hard working parents, she learned to entertain herself and would immerse herself in her favourite books. Reading was her greatest escape and Trixie Beldon, The Famous Five, Mallory Towers; in fact anything by Enid Blyton was devoured; usually alongside a king-sized block of Cadbury’s Chocolate that her Gran would sneak her.

Raised seen and not heard, Siubhan discovered the importance of instilling a deep sense of self belief in her own children after leaving her marriage and deciding to figure out why her life had unfolded in the way it had.

I Believe…In Me came out of an immense desire to share what she learned in a way that inspires and excites children. She also hopes that grown-ups will get something from it too.