Victoria Muir

Victoria Muir, aka Torie, is a part-time teacher, Reading Recovery trained, and an author, living in rural Bombay with her husband and four children.

She’s always had a deep desire to use her own journey to make a positive impact and support those in need. One of the ways she’s been fortunate to do so is by being able to donate $1 to Ronald McDonald House NZ for each book she sells.

Margie, the charming clumsy Queen, is a character near and dear to Torie’s heart. She is a young schoolgirl with bouncy brown hair in her radiant pink dress with the brightest of smiles. Margie’s defining quality is her endearing clumsiness, which she turns into a source of positivity and humour. Her infectious smile and unique perspective on the world make her beloved by all.

The inspiration for Margie and her story comes from Torie’s own mother, who she lovingly referred to as ‘The real Queen of Clumsy.’ Growing up, Torie and her siblings  inherited their mother’s charming trait of clumsiness, which led to countless moments filled with laughter and joy. Their family and friends still reminisce about her mother’s joy-filled stories, often interrupted by fits of laughter. Torie’s mother’s laughter was legendary, and her ability to find joy in everyday mishaps was truly remarkable.

As a teacher with a deep passion for storytelling, Torie wanted to instill a sense of wonder and create meaningful connections through her stories. Margie’s story promotes important themes such as confidence, perseverance, resilience, and the power of a positive perspective. It aims to encourage and teach children to see life through the lens of these qualities, demonstrating that embracing one’s unique self and finding joy in every situation can lead to a fulfilling and happy life.

Resources for parents and teachers have been created linked to this story on the website to help to promote resilience and self-confidence. Resources are linked with NZ curriculum. Fun art and craft resources for all ages.

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